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Pneumatic conveying

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Long distance pneumatic conveying system is mainly used for the transportation of construction materials and auxiliary materials in underground projects such as mine, subway, tunnel and so on. It has the characteristics of flexible layout, small pollution, no scattering, high degree of automation, strong adaptability and so on. It is an ideal choice for the transportation of underground construction materials. According to the field situation, different specifications and forms of equipment can be used to meet the requirements of different materials, conveying capacity and distance.

The underground long distance pneumatic conveying system is usually composed of three parts: the underground storage and transportation system, the underground transit system, the underground terminal system. According to the technological requirements, configuration of different specifications, quantity, transit and ground terminal system, the system for pipeline connection, convenient installation, low space requirements, and can be easily realized by switching valve of multi working face transport, improve equipment utilization, reduce customer cost.

On the storage and transportation system composed of silo, ground transmission unit. The silo is on the ground above the sending unit, for the material added in batches sending unit for transmission, and act as a buffer, to ensure the continuity of delivery. The process is as follows: the prepared material sent to the silo, silo with a certain volume, can be maintained for a period of time in the preparation of feed transmission failure, provide time