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Dense phase pneumatic conveying is applicable to transport to transport, abrasive or brittle materials. Dense phase pneumatic conveying is a material that will be used in the form of a plug or full tube to push the material forward along the pipe. This means that the material on the pipe, elbow wear minimum, long service life, the system maintenance is small, at the same time the higher the solid gas ratio can also reduce power consumption and operating costs.
Dense phase pneumatic conveying system can be the material delivery point to one or more receiving points from one or more, powder material conveying, various types such as powder, granules, solid material such as loose mixture.

The initial velocity of dense phase pneumatic conveying is usually less than 10m/s, and the ratio of solid to gas is greater than 10:1. Typical dense phase conveying system as shown below:

For different materials and applications, we designed a different equipment to meet the requirements of the process, the comparison of typical products:
3.1 dense phase pump
Small pump body, diameter
A simple system that can transport most of the material.
Intermittent batch transportation
Applicable to transport is less than 25t/h, and the transmission distance of not more than 250 meters

3.2 PD pump
Large pump body, fine pipe
Suitable for fine flow of material
High transmission efficiency and low gas consumption
Conveying distance of up to 1000 meters
The pump body needs to be pressurized, so it is not suitable for the material with high wear resistance.

3.3 D pump
Pump discharge and pipe pressure control
Difficult to send materials suitable for poor flow or poor transmission characteristics
Conveying distance of up to 1200 meters
Can be used with low pressure dedicated air compressor and fan

D pumps are usually arranged in a double pump, and the working flow of the double pump is as follows:

3.4 AV pump
For the majority of dust collector multi-point conveying drier
Multi material conveying, the conveying distance up to 500 meters
Need gas pressure is greater than 3.5Barg
Consumption and transport capacity is proportional to
The installation space is low and the structure is compact.

AV pumps are usually arranged in series, the work flow is as follows:

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