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injection system

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The pneumatic blowing system is used to continuously and accurately convey the material to the downstream process flow, and realize the accurate and controllable material transportation. Transmission distance of up to 1000 meters, the accuracy of up to 1%, the transmission capacity of up to 100t/h. Can be directly transported to the pressure environment, the material can be sent to the pressure environment, reducing the complexity of the system.

The core equipment of injection system for feeder, according to materials of different types, different feeder, mainly in the following two:

Rotary feeder:
Suitable for the flow of fine powder and particle size in 10mm within the material particles such as
Granular coal
Coal powder
Petroleum coke powder
Lime stone powder
Copper concentrate
Polyester powder, etc.
Injection capacity 0.5 hours to 90 hours

Screw feeder:
Suitable for blowing coarse powder and granular and bulk materials, such as:
Granular coal
Broken coal
Limestone particles
Iron ore / direct reduction iron
Steel rolling oxide skin, etc.
Injection capacity 0.5 hours to 90 hours
Fine powder will directly into the screw, so it is not suitable for use with a spiral feed

According to different process requirements, the system can be divided into batch blowing and continuous blowing:
Single tank batch injection system

It is only suitable for batch blowing and non continuous blowing

Continuous injection system:

Continuous injection system:

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