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Anhui Scorsese Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, experiment, manufacturing, service as one of the focus on long-distance pneumatic conveying equipment of Sino foreign joint ventures. The company is located in Anhui city of Wuhu Province Wuwei East Industrial Park, a total investment of 720 million yuan, the construction in two phases. The existing staff of 320 people, including the German technical staff of 6 people, scientific research and technology R & D team of more than 30 people, the installation service team of more than 50 people, including the types of products for long distance underground building gas system, power plant desulfurization dust conveying system, light industry, material gas system, cement, iron and steel, nonferrous metals industry and gas transportation system, railway safety system.

We always believe that technology is the foundation of the company, set up a high-quality technical team and a world-class laboratory, have the ability to reproduce the user's actual technological environment in the laboratory, so as to provide best products to meet customer demand.

My company's products mainly serve large coal enterprises, thermal power plants, building materials, light industry, railways, environmental protection and other industries, and gradually to Southeast Asia, India, Africa and other market development. The development of intelligent, efficient, clean, accurate powder particle material handling system, to create greater value for customers!

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