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Dilute phase conveying system, through a certain flow of gas, so that the solid powder suspended in the transmission pipeline, through the movement of the gas will be transported to the receiving point of the material. The material is suspended in the pipeline, and the material is separated by the dust collector.

Dilute phase transport rate is generally greater than 18m/s, the ratio of solid to gas is less than 10:1. Dilute phase transport is generally used for light industry such as resin, sugar, flour, PVC, wood chips, food and other materials of the conveyor, conveying distance of up to 300 meters, conveying capacity of up to 100t/h.

Dilute phase conveying system can be divided into two types: positive pressure dilute phase conveying system and negative pressure conveying system. Positive pressure blower system commonly used as a power source, the use of rotary valve as a feeding device, a rotary valve material from the upstream equipment transported to the pipeline, the material and the gas in the pipeline mixed and transported to the target point. The typical positive pressure system is composed of the following figure:

Negative pressure system usually adopts vacuum pump as the power source, the feeding point is simple in structure, low in height and no moving parts, which can be operated for a long time, and the maintenance cost is low. The upper feeding equipment for mechanical feeding device or buffer hopper, according to different feeding methods and materials, can provide filtration and air supply device to ensure that different types of material into the pipeline controlled. Typical negative pressure conveying system as shown below: